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About Us


I've been riding for a number of years and I'm also a self-confessed gadget geek.

I got into long distance riding a few years ago and started wiring more and more gadgets onto the bike but struggled with different solutions. I've used a few of the more popular fuse blocks out there but I always thought there could be something better. I've also helped a number of people wire their own bikes and could see the confusion they had with wiring.

Even people who understood positive and negative had no idea how to wire a relay to get switched power. With all of this in mind I decided to make a fuse block that was easy to hook up and gave the user constant and switched power by including the relay in the board. Although the concept seemed easy, coming up with the final design was not. However, after a number of months in design, I believe I've come up with a great solution for wiring novices to wiring experts that makes the job a lot easier.

Although our fuse blocks can be used in any low voltage application, the primary design focus is around the demands of the motorcyclist. No manufacturer today provides an all-in-one solution for the motorcyclist that is flexible, easy to install and full-featured. Our first product, the FZ-1, provides a couple unique features including a built-in relay and the ability to select constant or switched power on each of the 6 individually fused circuits.

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