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Fuzeblocks FZ-1 Distribution Block

Fuzeblocks FZ-1 Distribution Block

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The Fuzeblock FZ-1 is a fuse block that was designed from the ground up by a motorcyclist, for motorcyclists. This feature packed fuse block combines an integrated relay with the ability to switch from constant power to switched power on any of it's 6 circiuts simply by moving a fuse to the left or the right. What that means to you the installer is no more hunting for a location for a fuse block, a relay, and maybe even a second fuse block if you want to run both constant and switched power accessories.

With the Fuzeblock FZ-1 all you need is a space large enough to accomodate it, a 12V wire from the battery, a ground wire to the battery, and a switched trigger wire. Once you have those connected you can start wiring up your accessories. Easy to Install

  • Built-In Relay
  • Thick Circuit Board
  • Compact Size
  • No Crimping
  • Ground Bus
  • 6 Fuzed Circuits
  • Power Selection
  • Power Protection
  • Spare Fuze Holders
  • Mini (ATM) Fuzes
  • Weather Resistant
  • Markable Label
  • 95-5VA ABS Cover
  • Multiple Mounting Options

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